2013 Sessions and Tracks

These were our breakouts and tracks for our 2013 conference.


The Danger and Joy of Aspiring by Greg Johnson
As aspiring authors, we’re all on a journey with potholes. Anything we aspire for has God’s fingerprints on it. It’s good for us to aspire, and God can use our aspirations in some amazing ways to transform us as well as others. Our aspirations can keep us on our knees and also keep us motivated. When do we quit our aspirations? Never, in a bigger sense, but sometimes our aspirations change because they need to. If you are in an “aspiring season,” you need to fully embrace your aspirations amdist your own life space. In this session we’ll explore stories of aspirations in our lives, how God has used them, changed them, and is still providing them today.

Breakouts (morning)

How to Make This Year Your Last as an Unagented Author by Greg Johnson

How to Write True Dramas for Guideposts or Other Magazines by Melanie Hemry
Story telling is a different structure than other types of nonfiction. Using the Guideposts formula as a guide, in this session you will learn how to tell a gripping story while holding the tension from the lead all the way to the turnaround and takeaway.

Spit Polishing Your Manuscript by Deborah Raney
These quick-fix improvements in your manuscript can be accomplished in a few short hours, but will make a real difference in the quality of the manuscript you turn in to your editor.

Checklist For Writing A Winner by Deborah Raney
Ten tips from contest judges on writing a book that’s destined to capture a loyal reader following and find favor with contest judges.

Writing Winning Book Proposals That Sell by Cheri Fuller
Why do some book proposals get the writer a contract with a publisher and others don’t? Writing book proposals is an important skill you must have to get your book in print. Find out how to avoid the roadblocks that keep your book in the round file and some great tips for writing a book proposal that will catch an editor and marketing department’s eye and sell your book!

Yikes—I have to MARKET my book too? by Victorya Rogers
How to get your book into the hands of Raving Fans! So you’ve written your book. Now what? Come to this session with Author and Writers Coach Victorya Michaels Rogers as she tells you everything you need to know to get people excited to buy your book! She will cover all the marketing secrets you need TODAY to get your message out there–from your website to social media, radio/Tv to your blog, even how to talk about it from the stage or pulpit. You can get people excited about your message without them feeling it was a sales pitch one bit!

Tips and Tricks for eBook Self-Publishing  by Wesley Fryer
You want to self-publish a book, but where and how? Author and digital learning consultant Wesley Fryer will share tips, strategies, software applications, and websites helpful for publishing your book independently as an eBook and print-on-demand book with Amazon, CreateSpace and Apple’s iBookstore.

Tracks (afternoon)

Fiction Track: Co-taught by Rene Gutteridge and Deborah Raney

Non-fiction Track: Co-taught by Melanie Hemry and Cheri Fuller

1 on 1 Consultations (during morning breakouts and 8 – 8:45 pm)

Keynotes and Panels

Keynote by Greg Johnson (morning)

Keynote by Deborah Raney (lunch)

Independent & eBook Publishing Panel (evening)
Electronic publishing options like Kindle Direct Publishing as well as print-on-demand services like Lulu and CreateSpace continue to disrupt and disintermediate the traditional print publishing process. Join our panel of authors as they discuss the opportunities as well as challenges present in independent and ebook publishing today. Panelists will include:

  1. Stacie Jennings
  2. Jack Myrick
  3. Tim Hast
  4. Wesley Fryer