2015 Sessions and Tracks



The World Needs Weird People

Friday night at 7 p.m.

Special Session by Karen Porter – Killing Giants in 2015

In the middle of a war story, the Old Testament has a message to men and women in 2015. God gives us the tools to overcome the giants of discouragement, defeat, failure, and self. Join Karen Porter as she shows you how. And along the way, you’ll discover why David picked up 5 stones before he went to face Goliath. Fun, interesting, heart stopping, and God glorifying session.

Special Session by Shannon Ethridge – Pushing Through the Pain of Publishing

As writers, we long to give birth to the great literary dreams swirling around inside us, but nothing great has ever been birthed without great labor pains!  Million-copy best-selling author Shannon Ethridge shares her best tips for nurturing the message inside of YOU by connecting more intimately with the Messenger who caused that conception.

Continuing Education by Chris Maselli – Selling Well in Today’s World
Most conferences just focus on writing well and getting published, but we believe to get your message to the masses, you’ve got to sell well, too! In today’s world, authors are responsible for promoting their message–and in this session, Christopher Maselli will take us into the marketing of our books (with tracks specifically for fiction and non-fiction) and show us how to connect with our audience, build our email lists, use social media effectively and more. Plus, he’s going to show us how to best maximize our time and potential so we’re spending MORE time doing exactly what the Lord’s called us to do. If you’ve got a God-given message to share (and you do!), get ready to learn some practical and realistic ways that you can reach the world!


Ghostwriting: Exploring New Frontiers by Melanie Hemry

What do Tom Clancy, James Patterson, President Obama, Hilary Clinton and a multitude of politicians, celebrities and business leaders have in common? They rely on ghostwriters to get their message in print. In this class you’ll learn how to break into the lucrative literary world of ghostwriting.

Guideposts: Break into a Market that Increases Your Chance of Publication 3 Times by Melanie Hemry

Guideposts has long been one of the most beloved magazines in America, filled with true stories with a spiritual takeaway. The original magazine has grown to include two others: Mysterious Ways and Angels on Earth. In this class you’ll learn to submit to all three!

How to Tell a Story by Karen Porter

Learn how to craft a story, about the story arc, and how important story structure is in non-fiction writing as well as in speaking. We will learn the simple way to write and tell a story and follow the path of the hero. Use these techniques for adding illustrations and examples to your writing and speaking and for telling your own story. They may never remember your bio, but they’ll never forget your story!

Self-Edit it Before You Send It by Karen Porter

This workshop is a practical and hands-on class on how to spot areas in your manuscript that need to be edited—before you send it out. Discover how to find passive voice, wordy sentences, incorrect punctuation, split infinitives, and so much more. Learn how to use the tools in your computer programs to eliminate problems. Your writing will be forever changed for the better.

How to Tell it Funny by Karen Porter

Discover how to add wit, humor, and winsomeness into your writing and speaking. No one can make you funny, but you can learn to lighten up, and this workshop will help you discover the methods that will add a new dimension to your communication.

Memoir: Shaping Story from Your Life into Story on the Page by Lindsey O’Connor

You long to write and publish a personal story. Maybe you’re unsure how to begin and feel a little daunted, or you’re well into it but wonder if you’ve chosen the best way to tell it. Learn the hallmarks of great memoir, how to get started, and how to use the building blocks of classic story structure to conceive or strengthen your story’s shape.

Narrative Nonfiction: The Art of True Storytelling by Lindsey O’Connor

The art and work of applying fiction techniques to factual stories creates compelling literature when well told and well reported that’s addictive to read, and write. Learn some of the devices of the genre, how to recreate scenes and handle dialogue from real people, and methods of how some top narrative nonfiction writers work that can help you make art with true stories. 


Writing for Greater Impact by Shannon Ethridge

Wonder how your writing can totally rock the lives of individuals, couples, and families for many generations to come?  Shannon Ethridge, author of 22 books for both Christian and mainstream markets, has kept her fingertips on the pulse point of her target audience for 20 years.  In 2002, Shannon landed the opportunity to craft the best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series, which sold over one million copies and has been published in 28 languages.  A decade later, she rode the wave of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon by pitching a fast track title with Thomas Nelson, The Fantasy Fallacy, which she released on the Women of Faith platform. This workshop will equip YOU with the tools needed to recognize society’s “felt needs,” plus teach you industry secrets to becoming an “expert” on hot topics so you can be a successful culture-shaper!

Branding Through Custom Images by Christy Johnson

Learn how to develop a brand and platform by creating custom graphics that get shared and get you noticed. Words embedded into an image get shared 5 times more than simple text. You’ll learn where to buy cheap images, how to create killer graphics and how to use social media scheduling tools so you can maximize your time and get back to writing.

Maximize Your Book Table – by George Porter

You can have a back-of-the-room book table – even if you don’t have a book yet.
George Porter will show you how. George manages an extensive book table with good organization and time-saving tricks of the trade. In this workshop, he will show you how to pick out and buy products, display hints, bundling ideas, credit cards, and so much more.

Write from the Deep by Karen Ball

In this session based on Ezekiel 2:1-3:22, Karen Ball and Erin Taylor Young will challenge writers to go deep with God in their call and their craft, for it is in the Deep that writers find power and renewal. God’s call to us is clear: come away with Him, let His words sink deep into us first, then take His truths to the world. In the ever-changing and challenging world of publishing, writers need a way to find refreshment, renewal, and restored passion. They will find all that and more by going into the deep with God. Together we’ll explore what it means when God calls us into the deep, how to find our true message in the depths, how to face down lies and other challenges, and what it means to be faithful to the call and craft.

Marketing For Writers And Speakers by Karen Porter

Marketing techniques and methods have changed drastically with the emergence of the Internet. The information and advice you’ve read might already be out of date. Marketing expert Karen Porter will help you define your personal style and brand. From tag lines and mission statements to web presence in blogs, twitter, and Facebook, you will learn how to market your message, your speaking ministry, and your book. Karen will help you build a toolbox of practical, useful, doable methods. You will leave this session with a personal plan

Pitching Your Book to Agents and Editors by Cheri Fuller

If you want to pitch your book to an editor or agent at a book convention or writer’s conference, you’ve got to be able to craft a compelling “elevator” pitch and say it while sitting at breakfast or actually in an elevator with an editor! Learn how in this workshop with bestselling, award-winning author Cheri Fuller.

Writing Book Proposals by Cheri Fuller

You’ll gain an inside look at the key elements that editors are looking for in book proposals and how to write such a compelling, persuasive proposal that motivates publishers to send you a contract. Book proposal templates for both nonfiction and fiction will be handed out.

Metadata: The Data Behind the Book by Lacy Williams

This course will teach the all-important information that indie-publishing authors need to know, including all aspects of keywords, categories, titles, blurbs and book interiors and how they can and will impact your book sales.  This side of the business of indie publishing is vital to success!

Above and Beyond: iPad Green Screen Videos by Wes Fryer
Learn how to use an iPad with a tripod and inexpensive mount to create high quality, short videos you can post online. Learn how to use a $150 green screen and tripod light setup (available from Amazon) with the “Green Screen” iPad app by Do Ink to create fancier videos which place subjects in any setting using background photos or videos. Learn tips and techniques for enhancing and uploading videos to YouTube.  http://wfryer.me/green
Just Between You and Me: Launching Your Book by Lindsey O’Connor and Cheri Fuller
Terrific ideas on having a successful book launch event/party, getting a team together to do a Social Media blitz when your book releases, and other great ways to get people talking about, and buying, your book.


Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers by Christopher Maselli
In this session, we’ll look at the many types of materials you can write for children, from picture books to chapter books, from middle-grade to teen novels, and even graphic novels. We’ll also look at current trends and insightful research, so you can think about exactly the type of material you want to write, as well as explore areas you may have never considered.


Moving Pictures:  An Introduction to Screenwriting by Paul Tompkins

Curious about screenwriting?  Wondering if your book will make a good movie?  Always wanted to know more about writing movies? Join veteran screenwriter Paul Tompkins as he introduces WWSW attendees to the world of movie writing in this course designed for novelists and other writers.


Learn to Make-Believe in a Way That Makes Readers Believe by Rene Gutteridge, Regina Jennings and Robin Patchen.

Join WWSW’s fabulous Fiction Writing Program, where writers will learn how to wield all the amazing tools storytellers can use.  The secrets to writing compelling fiction are right at your fingertips.  We’ll give you the keys to unlock your one-of-a-kind story, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.  Come join the fun of make-believe!  STORY WORLD will be split into two tracks:

ENLIGHTENING STEPS is a course designed for writers who’ve not yet completed a manuscript or have one under their belt.  This course will instruct writers on the many tools writers can and should use in crafting their story into a novel, novella or short story, tools to help authors stay in point-of-view, quickly ground the reader in every scene, create believable dialogue, and plot stories that keep readers turning the page.  Regina and Robin will take you through story world in an enlightening course designed to inspire, teach and encourage you to write that novel you’ve always wanted to write!
DEEP WATERS is designed for writers who have two or more finished manuscripts and are ready to wade into the deeper waters of the craft of fiction writing.  We’ll study advanced techniques writers can apply to enhance their fiction and look specifically at important areas of the craft, including POV, dialogue, setting, character arcs and more, to see where we can improve weak spots.  If you’ve got two or more completed full-length manuscripts under your belt, come dive deeper with Rene and listen to her share some of her fiction secrets!

Both tracks will also enjoy time with the instructors of the other class, so join us for the kind of fun only fiction writers can have!

Write Your Novel From the Middle: A Powerful New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between by James Scott Bell

Based on the #1 bestselling Amazon writing book, this workshop for writers of all calibers will teach you a completely unique method for crafting a powerful, unified novel by way of the “mirror moment” — a crucial beat that happens right in the middle of great and enduring stories.  James Scott Bell will show you how to discover the true heart of your book, and how that knowledge brings everything into focus. Best of all, this method can be used at any time during the writing process, whether you like to outline or just wing it as you go.