2015 Handouts and Recordings

These are audio recordings from the 2015 Write Well, Sell Well, Conference in Oklahoma City. Subscribe to download all 30 episodes as podcasts with podcatcher software (like PocketCasts) using this subscribe link.


Friday, October 23, 2015

9 am

Write from the Deep Part I by Karen Ball (MP3 – 45:06)

Branding Through Custom Images by Christy Johnson (MP3 – 48:40)

10 am

Write from the Deep Part II by Karen Ball (MP3 – 51:28)

Guideposts: Break into a Market that Increases Your Chance of Publication 3 Times by Melanie Hemry (MP3 – 54:35)

11:00 a.m.

Marketing for Writers and Speakers by Karen Porter (MP3 – 01:02:45)

Launching Your Book by Lindsey O’Connor and Cheri Fuller (MP3 – 55:41)

Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers by Christopher Maselli (MP3 – 50:28)

1 pm

Pushing Through the Pain of Publishing by Shannon Ethridge (MP3 – 47:31)

2 pm

Pitching Your Book to Agents and Editors by Cheri Fuller (MP3 -56:34)

Metadata: The Data Behind the Book by Lacy Williams (MP3 – 49:07)

Maximize Your Book Table by George Porter (MP3 – 47:52)

3 pm

Self-Edit it Before You Send It by Karen Porter (MP3 – 49:55)

Above and Beyond: iPad Green Screen Videos by Wes Fryer (MP3 – 57:01)

Moving Pictures: An Introduction to screenwriting by Paul Tompkins (MP3 – 56:29)

7 pm

Keynote by James Scott Bell (MP3 – 40:51)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

9 am

Selling Well in Today’s World for Non-Fiction Writers by Chris Maselli (MP3 – 01:37:42)

Enlightening Steps in Story World by Regina Jennings (MP3 – 01:53:39)

Deep Waters in Story World by Rene Gutteridge (MP3 – 01:56:12)

11 am

Tell a Story (Non-Fiction Writers) by Karen Porter (MP3 – 40:42)

10 Zits on the Face of Your Fiction Manuscript by Regina Jennings and Robin Patchin (MP3 – 39:10)

My 10 Quirkiest Tips to Make Your Novel Memorable by Rene Gutteridge (MP3 – 47:08)

1 pm

Killing Giants in 2015 by Karen Porter (MP3 – 34:00)

2 pm

Selling Well in Today’s World for Fiction Writers by Chris Maselli (MP3 – 01:45:15)

Narrative Non-Fiction by Lindsey O’Connor (MP3 – 58:30)

Writing a Book Proposal by Cheri Fuller (MP3 – 01:02:59)

3 pm

Ghostwriting: Exploring New Frontiers by Melanie Hemry (MP3 – 46:37)

Tell it Funny by Karen Porter (MP3 – 45:38)

4 pm

Writing from the Middle (fiction) by James Scott Bell (MP3 – 01:00:18)

Memoir: Shaping Story from Your Life into Story on the Page by Lindsey O’Connor (MP3 – 40:49)

Writing for Greater Impact by Shannon Ethridge (MP3 – 55:01)