Ignite Sessions


Here is our lineup of Ignite Presentations and Ignite Videos for this year’s conference:

  1. VIDEO: Scott Berkun – “Why and How to Give an Ignite Talk” (more info)
  2. LIVE: Wesley Fryer – Create a Digital Picture Book with a Child
  3. VIDEO: Sarah Hurst – A Native Lad: Transforming Alaska History into a Play and Graphic Novel (more info)
  4. LIVE: Eunice Menja – Say Something to STOP Child Abuse
  5. VIDEO: David Glover – Hack Your Electric Meter and Save the World (IgniteOKC)
  6. VIDEO: Alexandra Rupp – Literacy in OKC Metro (IgniteOKC)
  7. VIDEO: Bob Nicoll – There is Power in the Clarity of Your Articulation (more info)
  8. VIDEO: Shelley Cadamy – Becoming a Foster Parent in 10 Easy Steps (IgniteOKC)
  9. VIDEO: Ramez Naam – Putting Employees, Information, and Customers In Charge (more info)


For the first time, “Ignite Presentations” will be included in our 2015 Write Well, Sell Well Conference. Conference organizers invite you to not only watch and experience Ignite Talks at WWSW 2015, but also share your own Ignite presentation!

Ignite sessions are short, five minute presentations which include exactly 20 presentation slides, each shown on the screen for 15 seconds each. PowerPoint software is set to “auto-advance” slideshows, so each presentation lasts exactly five minutes. If a presenter wants to talk about a topic for more than 15 seconds, more than one sequential slide can be dedicated to that subject.

Ignite Presentations will be shared at our conference on Friday, October 23rd from 5 – 6 pm. (View our complete schedule.) Conference faculty as well as attendees are invited to present and share an Ignite Presentation on a topic of their choice which  supports the goals of Write Well, Sell Well:

inspiring and equipping writers with knowledge of the craft and the business of writing so they are empowered to write and sell well, impacting the world around them and successfully navigating the publishing world.

If you are interested in sharing an Ignite Presentation at our 2015 conference:

  1. google-formPlease complete this Google Form by Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at midnight.
  2. You will be notified on Thursday, October 22 of your selection status and presentation order.
  3. We anticipate accepting six Ignite presentations at this year’s conference, but may accept more depending on submissions.
  4. Presenter names, topics, contact links, and shared slides will be added to this web page.
  5. Presenters need to submit their slides by email (to writewellsellwell@gmail.com) by noon on Friday, October 23rd, or can provide slides by USB flash drive / thumb drive.

This is an example of an Ignite presentation shared by WWSW organizer Wesley Fryer at the 2013 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. Wes used the website Haiku Deck to prepare his slides, which typically include large images and limited text bullet points for an Ignite presentation.

Here are more resources and links which provide more information and suggestions for planning and practicing your Ignite presentation:

  1. What is an Ignite presentation, and why should you try it?
  2. Example Ignite Presentations on igniteshow.com

Whether you’ve heard of Ignite Presentations and are familiar with the format or not, please consider sharing an Ignite Presentation at our conference this year! This will be a great way to hear from more faculty and participants, and learn new things attendees might not otherwise be exposed to!